At the beginning of November, Inter-Tech Elektronik Handels GmbH presented two new gaming towers with RGB lighting and side windows. These are named S-3901 Impulse and S-3906 Renegade and are currently available for a price of € 75,35 or € 62,99.
With the product slogan „RGB meets Design“, Inter-Tech promotes both enclosures with the tinted glass side panel and pre-installed RGB lighting as ideal enclosures for high-end systems with elaborate lighting. Additional features will complete the offer. What other features are these and how the S-3906 Renegade will perform in general we will find out in the following test for you.
Scope of Delivery
The Inter-Tech S-3906 Renegade comes well and safely packed in a brown and printed carton. It should be particularly emphasized that Inter-Tech does not use the normal hard polystyrene, but a softer plastic foam that cannot break. In addition, there are two protective foils on the glass side window. The accessories were stored in a clear...
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