Mechanical keyboards are trendy. More and more people, above all game-enthusiastic people, are reaching for them and driving various manufacturers to refine their products further. Lioncast is also working on producing ever better mechanical keyboards. So it’s not surprising that the popular LK300 keyboard has been relaunched in a slightly revised Pro version.
Fundamental differences between the standard and Pro models exist only with regard to the keys used. However, since these represent the core of a keyboard, these changes alone can achieve significant improvements.
For us, the revision of the Lioncast model is always reason enough for a detailed test. The results of the inspection of the LK300 Pro can be found below.
Design and Workmanship: High-Quality
In terms of design, the LK300 Pro is a largely ordinary gaming keyboard. She wants to convince with freestanding keys, RGB lighting and a rather average appearance. Lioncast largely dispenses with extravagant design elements...
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