For professional frequent writers, the right keyboard is essential. Otherwise, unpleasant overloading of the joints threatens. Thanks to keyboards with a curvature, the strain can be greatly reduced. Logitech has been committed to bringing ergonomic keyboards onto the market for some time now. With the Ergo K860, the expert for PC peripherals is now launching a keyboard that uses the design principle of a curved keyboard.
The special curvature
At first glance, the Ergo K860 appears very unusual. This is due to the special curvature of the keyboard. In the middle of the keypad, the keyboard curves upwards. In contrast to conventional keyboard shapes, the letter keys are not displayed as a block. Instead, they are divided into two individual blocks. Strangely enough, this even affects the space bar.
Ergonomics thanks to curvature
Logitech relies on the curvature of its keyboard for a reason. In fact, the curvature of the keyboard provides the highest level of ergonomics. This way...