OnePlus Watch: The first smartwatch from the smartphone experts


OnePlus celebrates its entry into the smart watch segment with its OnePlus Watch. And this premiere sounds quite promising. The smartwatch is not only supposed to have a long-lasting battery. On top of that, OnePlus is giving the smartwatch its own operating system.
Just in time for the release of the OnePlus 9
The Chinese company has certainly not chosen the time for the presentation of its OnePlus Watch by chance. After all, the name of the popular smartphone manufacturer is on everyone’s lips right now. The reason is the upcoming release of its new smartphone flagships OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. Although a smartwatch is a completely different product, the typical characteristics of the manufacturer can also be seen in the smartwatch. This already starts with the price-performance ratio. The OnePlus Watch is supposed to be launched at an MSRP of just 160 Euros...