MMD recently introduced the new Philips Moda 276C8, which has a great design. In addition, the new monitor from Philips offers a high resolution and relies on USB-C.
A real eye-catcher
Less is more. This truism also seems to have arrived at Philips. The monitor with a screen diagonal of 27 inches comes almost frameless. This minimalist design is quite respectable. But it’s also nice to look at from the side. With a thickness of just 6.1mm you have to look twice to see the IPS panel at all. With a weight of 4.3 kg, the screen can be moved comfortably from A to B. The screen can be moved from A to B with a weight of 4.3 kg.
Punched Sharp
Full HD was yesterday. Meanwhile QHD belongs to the good sound. The Philips 276C8 also provides razor-sharp images due to its resolution of 2560 x 1440. Gamers also benefit from this. Thanks to AMD FreeSync support, moving images are displayed without annoying veils. The monitor also makes office work easier. Thanks to a „LowBlue mode“ the...