The BlackWidow keyboard from Razer should be familiar to almost every gamer. That’s why Razer has redesigned its gaming keyboard. The BlackWidow Elite was presented at the IFA this year. What improvements does the keyboard have and what does it have on the box? We’ll settle that for you in our test!
Design and Workmanship: High and Beautiful
Even when unpacking, it becomes apparent that we are holding a high-quality product in our hands – unlike what the general public expects. Razer likes to chalk up the lack of workmanship and the use of cheap materials.  The back is made of plastic, but the top of the gaming keyboard is made of metal. The materials used result in a high weight and excellent torsional stiffness.
With 445 x 139 x 36 millimeters (L x W x H) the Razer BlackWidow Elite is not extraordinarily large, but weighs 1700 grams. Thus, the keyboard can’t be moved by mistake, as the rubber feet attached to the underside also make sure...
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