In July last year we reviewed the Huntsman Elite for you. Apart from the software, which was still in beta at that time, it really convinced us. Now the next model of the Huntsman comes onto the market, the so-called Tournament Edition. It is a slimmed down version and also has opto-mechanical switches, of course from our own house. We also test the keyboard for you.
Scope of Delivery
The Huntsman Tournament Edition is not only minimalist in size. We find a Quickstart guide, a few obligatory Razer stickers as well as the keyboard and the corresponding removable USB-C cable in the rather spartan box. It doesn’t need any more than that. The keyboard is designed for eSportspeople and should not offer any bells and whistles. It should also be mentioned that the Huntsman Tournament Edition is only available in the US and international ISO layout.
The Huntsman Tournament Edition is...