It’s time. Samsung presents the next generation of its popular SSDs. Although SATA is already a thing of the past due to the much faster NVMe protocol, it is still more popular with many users. So it’s no wonder that despite the limited speed, Samsung is launching new models in the form of the 860 series. We took a close look at the Samsung SSD 860 EVO and Samsung SSD 860 PRO in our test.
Even though the Samsung SSD 850 series has already nibbled at the limit of SATA, which is 600 MBit/s gross, Samsung was able to increase the speed again. The Samsung SSD 860 PRO offers up to 560 MB/s reading and 530 MB/s writing. The Samsung SSD 860 EVO reads at 550 MB/s and writes at 520 MB/s and is therefore 10 MB/s slower. But that’s not the only difference. Compared to the 850 series, the durability could be significantly increased. The TBW (Total Bytes Written) is now at a maximum of 4,800 TB (Terabyte). NAND flash memory for the 860 PRO Samsungs is V-NAND with 2-bit MLC technology, while the...

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