After Fe, Sea of Solitude is now another title in EA’s program „EA Originals“. The title by indie developer Jo-Mei is a dark adventure in which you slip into the role of the young woman Kay and explore a flooded city.
Find out here what’s hidden in the sea, what demons you have to face and if it’s worth taking a look at Sea of Solitude.
As a monster among monsters
Loneliness turns people into monsters. This is the premise of Sea of Solitude. The focus is on a feeling that everyone knows – including our protagonist Kay. And who wouldn’t feel lonely if he found himself alone on a boat in the middle of the sea?
This is how Sea of Solitude begins and explains to us directly where the name of the game comes from. A dark sea, a cloudy sky and the desire to change.
A journey begins not only to influence yourself, but also the lives of those around you. Kay doesn’t remain alone all the time – she always encounters other monsters. Some of them are friendly, others not. And also these were...

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