The SilentiumPC brand is no stranger when it comes to PC cases. We already tested the predecessor of the Ventum VT4V EVO TG ARGB last year and were not more than satisfied. Now the Polish manufacturer has followed suit and created a larger version. The case series has grown by a whole 44 mm in height and 66 mm in depth. We’ll see to what extent the rating will grow as well.
There are also three different models of the VT4. While we have the complete package for testing with the EVO TG ARGB, there are also the VT4 TG and VT4V TG variants. All three differ in the number of fans already installed and of course an installed ARGB controller. The prices also differ accordingly. The EVO TG ARGB is also available in white, which is SilentiumPC’s response to the growing demand for this color.
As mentioned at the beginning, we took on the complete package and were able to put the Ventum VT4V EVO TG ARGB case through its paces – or rather, its airflow and inner workings.
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