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For everyday voice chat use, the microphones built into headsets are usually sufficient, but their recording quality is not really perfect. If you want more, you can now choose from a variety of USB microphones, most of which offer significantly better quality.
This is exactly the direction SPC Gear wants to go with the SM900T: This is a large-diaphragm USB microphone that comes with a stand and a decoupled spider. For this package, SPC Gear currently charges € 87,65 [testing time: 60 €]. The following text will show how well the microphone can compete for this price.

780 g

Directional pattern:

USB (Type B)

frequency range:
18 – 21,000 Hz

sound pressure level:
135 dB

Scope of delivery
The microphone itself is delivered, as already mentioned, together with a stand and a microphone spider. SPC Gear also includes a manual, a foam pop guard and a 1.7 meter USB cable to connect the SM900T...

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