SteelSeries is known as an expert in gaming peripherals. The manufacturer is launching new gaming mice and keyboards on the market with reliable regularity, sometimes more and sometimes less different from their predecessors. In general, the quality delivered by SteelSeries is considered to be very high. Because of this and the popularity of the products, we have been convinced to thoroughly test the new gaming keyboard „Apex 7“ in practice. What we think of the mechanical keyboard, you can read in our report.
Design and Workmanship
Despite the RGB lighting and the OLED display, the Apex 7 is visually rather restrained. The keyboard housing is compact and larks in plain black, as are the keys. However, each of the keys is equipped with an RGB LED, which allows the colour of the keyboard to be completely adapted to your own wishes. In case of doubt, the keyboard melts into a colorful sea of lights, which is certainly very interesting. In addition, it is characterised by the...

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