The „Arctis 3 Bluetooth“ is said to be a real all-rounder. As a gaming headset it is said to be discreet enough to be worn in public. According to the manufacturer, it combines gaming suitability with everyday practicality. Now the device has been revised by SteelSeries. The 2019 edition is already available in stores and represents the current version of this multi-talent. By the way, we had already tested the non-Bluetooth version of the Arctis 3 and it convinced us back then. If you are interested you can find the Arctis 3 test of the first generation here.
We wanted to find out what had been improved, whether the headset was really suitable for everyday use and whether it met all the other requirements, and so we tested it. Among other things, this reveals why the design was chosen appropriately and why the headset is a little better in the latest version. The detailed version can be found...
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