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The Munich-based company tado° has introduced a new version of its Smart Home air conditioning control system Smart AC Control, the V3+ version of which now also supports Apple’s HomeKit. Networked air conditioners can thus be controlled via the Home App pre-installed on Apple devices and interconnected with other devices that also support HomeKit. This allows application scenarios to be created that, for example, automatically switch off the air conditioning if the HomeKit home automation protocol detects that the user has left the house.
In addition, devices connected via HomeKit can be controlled on call via the Siri voice assistant. It is also possible to use the language assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition to air conditioning, Smart AC Control V3+ can also control heat pumps.
The communication between the control box and the connected devices takes place via infrared. A display in the remote control shows status information such as the selected...

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