They Put Every Office Chair in the Shade: The 5 Best Gaming Chairs 2021


Gaming chairs offer the user much more than just a visual enhancement of their surroundings. These ergonomically perfectly designed chairs come up trumps with the typical features of a sports car seat: side bolsters on the left and right for optimal support, headrest, lumbar support (support in the lumbar region) and armrests.
Especially during longer gaming sessions, the occurring problems are well-known. Starting with constant changes of position, because all joints and muscles hurt after a short time, up to chronic spinal problems.
A remedy and a noticeably better gaming experience is provided by a special gamer’s chair. Based on various selection criteria such as ergonomics, functions and design, the best gaming chairs were chosen and the following gaming chair comparison was compiled. Nevertheless, this is of course a subjective selection.
The 5 best gaming chairs 2021
1. Backforce One Plus – Ergonomics and Design in Perfection
On paper, Backforce has only been around since...

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