At the IFA, the German manufacturer Trekstor, which is particularly well represented in the lower price segment, presented the Surfbook A13B, a new notebook. The device should be slim, light and practical – and thus ideally suited for use on the move.
We wanted to find out more and subjected the much praised notebook to an extensive practical test. On the following pages you will find out whether it is really so practical, affordable and recommendable.

Design and workmanship
The Surfbook A13B looks like a modern Ultrabook. The flat and light construction knows how to inspire. Visually, the silver-coloured housing blends perfectly into almost any environment.
The device is amazingly well processed. So it surprises – and convinces – for example with its low weight of only 1.24 kilograms, which results from the production of aluminium and plastic. Only the lid is made of aluminium, the rest is made of plastic. So the Surfbook A13B can’t keep up with the expensive competition here...
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