What Is Wi-Fi Direct ?


The so-called Wi-Fi Alliance is an association of various technology companies that is responsible for the certification of WLAN devices. Various certificates are also issued by the Wi-Fi Alliance. One of these certificates is Wi-Fi Direct. But what is that actually? What can Wi-Fi Direct devices do?
The Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance has established quality standards and certifies various devices according to these standards. If the standards are met, certificates are issued. The purchasers of the devices concerned can then rely on the compatibility of the device with common WLAN routers, other WLAN-enabled devices and other interfaces whose compatibility with the respective device is certified by the respective certificate. The certificates of the Wi-Fi Alliance are therefore of great importance for technology users, as they provide orientation when purchasing a new device.
The Wi-Fi Direct covered in this article is one of the certificates issued by the Wi-Fi...

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