As attentive readers should have already noticed, articles about new gaming PCs appear here again and again. What is missing, however, is a detailed explanation of what distinguishes a gaming PC from an ordinary computer. Is every PC used for gaming a gaming PC? Or are there other characteristics by which it can be recognized and distinguished from ordinary devices?
This article is dedicated to the key features of gaming PCs. This is not only to be described, but also to be discussed within a certain framework. What makes a gaming PC? How can he be identified? And: What should be taken into account when buying?
Price classes of gaming PCs
The first step is to consider a common classification of gaming PCs. This classification is based on a less spectacular criterion, namely the price of the device.
A cheap gaming PC is generally believed to be available from a price of around 500 euros. Mid-range gaming PCs cost between 700 and 1,000 euros, while high-end gaming PCs are available...
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