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Kolink Rocket: Noble Mini Case Reviewed

Internal Impression

The little Kolink Rocket can hold exactly as much as you need. A Mini-ITX mainboard is installed in the right case chamber, while the graphics card is installed in the left case chamber.

The graphics card may be up to 31 centimeters long and 4 cm wide. A modern dual-slot graphics card can therefore be installed without any problems. The length is less the problem than the width. Here you have to be careful when buying the graphics card.

The CPU cooler is also severely restricted. With a maximum overall height of 5.4 centimetres, the choice is not particularly large. In addition to most (not all!) stock coolers from AMD and Intel, the Alpenföhn Black Ridge, Noctua NH-L9a and the Cryorig C7 are also suitable. These three coolers offer a higher cooling capacity than the stock coolers and should therefore be preferred. We will discuss the cooling capacity at a later stage.

The cooling is supported by an 80 mm fan with PWM control, which is mounted in the cover. Further fans cannot be installed unfortunately. The installation of a radiator for water cooling is also not possible.

The power supply in SFX or SFX-L form factor is suspended directly behind the front. An extension cable provides power from the back of the case. The maximum length of the power supply unit is 13 centimetres, otherwise there may be problems with cables and connections.

In addition to M.2 SSDs on the motherboard, two further 2.5-inch data carriers can also be installed. To do this, loosen a screw inside the case and then pull out a kind of second base where the SSDs can be mounted. 3.5-inch drives will not fit in the Kolink Rocket.

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