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AOC Agon AG272FCX Review: 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

Image Quality

The heart of the screen is – hardly surprisingly – its display. The beautiful appearance alone is not enough for a demanding gamer. So the image quality must also be convincing. The AG272FCX does this, but the 27 inch screen only has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. In our opinion, this is too low a resolution for the 27-inch size, which already looks pixelated. For this screen size the resolution should be at least QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels).

The AG272FCX also goes its own way with the curvature, because the curvature is quite small. From other curved monitors one has the feeling to dive into the respective game. This is less the case here as the curvature is only 3000R. Nevertheless, it contributes slightly to focusing.

AOC relies on an MVA panel for this screen, which cannot offer the fast response times of TN screens. The advantage over TN screens is the lower viewing angle dependency.

Frame rate synchronization and 144 Hertz provide a very fluid gaming experience in the test – even in hectic scenes. Rich contrast, neutral colour rendering and even brightness distribution confirm the positive impression.

Schlieren formation, delays and other blurring are not noticeable in the test. The manufacturer’s promises to offer outstanding image quality are therefore kept overall. Even dark spots and flickering do not occur. FreeSync technology, flicker-free technology and “shadow control” offer the best services – more on that later.

The overall picture quality can therefore be described as convincing. Image errors or other defects do not show up in the test. AOC delivers a truly outstanding monitor in terms of image quality, which only has to make compromises in its resolution.

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