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Bose QuietComfort 35 – Upper Class Headphones Reviewed

Wearing Comfort

The wearing comfort of the Bose QuietComfort 35 is flawless. The headphones are very light. The auricles can be turned approx. 110 degrees forwards and 10 degrees backwards and tilted inwards. The joint is interesting and makes a solid impression. The cable is well integrated, so longevity is likely to be guaranteed. If you want to hear more about the surroundings, you can simply free one ear and place the auricle on the back of your head without slipping. This may sound strange, but I find it very practical. Even if you lie on your headphones, e.g. during a short nap in the bus & train or on the couch, they stay comfortable. The leather upholstery is hardly advertised by the company. They enclose the ears and, although I prefer velour, are very comfortable. In heat and sports the sweat is a bit sticky and in spectacle wearers it squeaks. The ear cushions can be replaced. The missing cable has a positive effect on the wearing comfort. You have more freedom of movement, are not disturbed and can put the device on and off more easily. Of course, size settings can also be made. The Bose headphones also pass the bending test.

QuietComfort 35 stretched, Source: Bose

Bluetooth and NFC

The Bose QuietComfort 35 has voice feedback that simplifies configuration. Battery status, connected device and pairing status are announced at the beginning by a charming lady. The transmission quality via Bluetooth is good – the setting is uncomplicated and fast. Depending on the transmitter, the reception range is not very long, but is sufficient to be able to move within a short radius. But if you want to hear about the PC and walk around the apartment, for example, you will be disappointed. During the test period I had very few dropouts, which could also be due to my smartphone.

The battery life is phenomenal despite the very small weight of the headphones. It is advertised with 20 hours and in reality can also be located here (sometimes even more). With cable connection this time doubles to approx. 40 hours.

The advantages of Bluetooth and NFC are obvious: no annoying cable that has to be ripped apart, gets stuck somewhere or breaks. The range in the outdoor test was about 18 meters with my smartphone (5-10 meters in the house). The NFC works, but I didn’t really need it during the test period.

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