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Corsair Void Pro RGB USB Review – Does the New Version Make It?

Technical Data

Product name: Void Pro RGB USB (Color: carbon)
Manufacturer Corsair
Frequency range 20Hz – 20kHz
Impendance 32k Ohm at 1kHz
Driver 50 mm – Neodymium
Cable length 1.8 meter
Microphone Impedance 2k Ohm
Microphone sensitivity -38 dB
Connector USB

Sound Quality

The Corsair Void Pro RGB promises high sound quality thanks to its high-quality neodymium magnets and integrated sound card. In our test, however, we did not only focus on games for a gaming headset, but also on music and movies in order to be able to assess the quality. The headset performs very well in the test. Treble and mids are reproduced clearly and richly, only the bass suffers a little. There’s something missing, he’s good and not too “hard”. With surround sound turned on, we hear the steps of the opponents better in games and can assess the position even better. Unfortunately some of the quality is also lost. Everything sounds tinny.

Also the microphone is supposed to make a lot. To avoid noise, the microphone records successfully from only one direction. For a gaming headset, the Corsair Void Pro RGB USB offers very good recording quality, the voice is powerful and not dull. In addition, the recording is virtually noise-free.

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