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Havit KB462L Review – Affordable Mechanical Keyboard

Keys and Features

The KB462L has 120 buttons located on Outemu switches. These are comparable to the Cherry MX Blue, a cheaper alternative. The Outemus have a clearly noticeable switching point and also need about 60 grams to be operated. And in addition there is a very well audible, acoustic feedback – CLICK! When it comes to quality, we can’t express ourselves in such a test, because the switches would only show their first signs of wear after many more strokes.

The 120 keys also include the additional function keys from G1 to G6, which can be freely assigned. They also sit on the Outemu switches and thus have the same keystroke. We will clarify how the keys are to be assigned as soon as the software is involved.

On top of that there are also other function keys that are located on the left above the F-keys. They can also be configured freely, but are somewhat more difficult to reach in order to accommodate them in gaming. The keys are not located on the switches like the other keys and are therefore much lower in position. For shortcuts to call up programs, or to select another profile for the keyboard, for example, they are completely sufficient.

What the KB462L from Havit doesn’t lack are the multimedia keys. They can be found above the Num block and have the standard functions: Stop, song/title back, start/pause, song/title forward. A large wheel is provided for volume control. A grating is clearly noticeable so that the volume can be precisely adjusted.

Measuring 487 x 228 x 37 millimeters, the KB462L is a real block, and the palm rest makes it even bigger. So you should bring enough space in front of the monitor if you decide to use this keyboard. At 1.5 meters, the fabric-sheathed cable is long enough for standard desktop configurations. There are also two USB 2.0 ports on the back of the keyboard. USB sticks were detected smoothly, just like the receiver for the Logitech G Pro Wireless. We certainly don’t need to talk about write rates here, but we can say the ports are working.

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