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Inter-Tech H-606 – A Low-Cost Mini Tower with Sound Damping Reviewed

Exterior Impression

Anyone hoping for many bright colours and glass on the H-606 will hope in vain. The Inter-Tech H-606 is a silent housing in the original sense with many closed surfaces and without RGB effects or side windows.

Inter-Tech H-606

The front of the H-606 is made of plastic, has the look of brushed aluminum and is completely closed. Also the side stripes in mesh optics are after a closer look really only optics and not perforated. The H-606 has very small openings on both sides so that some air can get into the case at all. However, there are no dust filters at these openings or behind the front panel.

Front view

The I/O panel was mounted in the upper part of the front. Two USB 3.0 ports, HD audio ports for headphones and microphone, one button each for power and reset and two LEDs for power and hard disk activity are available. Since the I/O panel is mounted directly on the front panel and not on the body, care must be taken during disassembly to prevent cables from being torn off. Very praiseworthy is the fact that all cables are completely black.

A glance at the lid reveals the classic appearance of a silent housing. The Inter-Tech H-606 is completely closed and lined with an insulating mat from the inside.

Cover view

The two side parts follow the simple and sound-absorbing design. Both panels are also completely closed, lined with insulating mats and have a pull-off aid or knurled screws for easier disassembly. The first removal of the side parts unfortunately turned out to be a bit hakelig and could only be done with some effort and “jerking”.

The Mini Tower stands on four solid plastic feet. However, the manufacturer has completely dispensed with further decoupling using thin rubber strips. The dust filter for the power supply unit is also located on the underside. As usual in the price range, this consists of mesh and is held in place by several steel straps.

Floor view

The back doesn’t offer any big surprises. Above the mounting position for the power supply there are four reusable PCI slot bezels and the pre-installed case fan with a frame width of 120 mm. The fan is completely black including the cable and is powered by a 3pin connector. The maximum fan speed is 1200 rpm.

With the exception of the hooked side parts, the outer finish is fine for the price class targeted. The paintwork does not show any defects and there are no sharp edges. The body remains stable even after removal of the side panels.

Internal Impression

If the side parts are removed, the view of the interior, which is currently typically designed, becomes clear. This is divided into two areas by a cover. The mainboard and expansion cards can be accommodated in the upper chamber. In addition, the mainboard tray has a cutout for a CPU cooler backplate and various openings for laying the power supply cables. Two HDDs or SSDs in 2.5″ format can be mounted to the right of the mainboard. Since these lie flat on the mainboard tray, the optional front fans can transport cold air unhindered into the interior. A total of up to three fans with a frame width of 120 mm can be mounted in the front.

Now let’s take a look at the back of the mainboard tray or under the power supply cover. As already expected, the power supply unit and two further data carriers can be accommodated here. To reduce vibrations, the mounting position of the power supply was equipped with four rubber buffers. However, there is no additional foam rubber strip on the rear wall of the case.

The hard disks are housed inside a cage in two very eye-catching frames. These frames are suitable for both 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard drives. The latter can even be mounted without tools. A decoupling via rubber discs is unfortunately not available here. We will find out later how this will affect the company.

Mounting frame for HDDs
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