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Razer BlackWidow Elite Review: Old Version Reissued

Buttons: High, Pleasant and Loud

In short and in general: The advantage of a mechanical keyboard lies in the workmanship of the inputs. While Rubberdome keyboards use an electric foil to record, process and transmit the keystrokes, mechanical keyboards use a separate switch for each key. Therefore there are many advantages and possibilities in the design of the keys.

Our test pattern of the Razer BlackWidow Elite uses the “Razer Green” switches. The stroke of these switches is only 1.9 millimetres. Thanks to the short distance, gamers can react quickly and precisely to any situation. The green switches also provide a pleasant typing feeling and every keystroke is clearly audible. It’s often compared to the typical “typewriter sound” that comes up with the BlackWidow Elite. Whether the keyboard should make “clicking noises” can be decided by anyone with mechanical keyboards, including the Razer BlackWidow Elite. The “green” switches are the loud “jingle keys”, but Razer still offers quiet “orange” and “yellow” switches.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite is in midfield with a 50 gram keystroke. Rubberdome keyboards can easily produce up to 80 grams, other mechanical keyboards can also do with 40 grams. According to the manufacturer, the keys have a lifetime of 80 million keystrokes.

Software: Clearly Arranged with Many Functions

The Razer “Synapse” software is only suitable for the BlackWidow Elite, but can be used to manage all connected Razer devices. Anyone who has already used software for their keyboard will be able to deal with it directly. But also new users will find their way directly, because “Synapse” is clearly and intuitively designed. All available devices are displayed directly on the start page and can be quickly edited and adapted.

From adjusting the lighting to completely reassigning the various keys, everything is possible. To top it all off, Hypershift is a function on board that allows you to assign the complete keyboard layout with various functions via a fixed “Hypershift” key. The on-board memory allows five profiles to be taken and used anytime, anywhere. If you want to create countless profiles and not lose them, you can use the “Synapse” software to use the cloud memory and access your settings at any time.

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