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Rebirth Of A Legend ? Review of the Sharkoon Drakonia II

Technology and handling

The Drakonia II is equipped with the optical PixArt 3360 sensor and has a sampling rate of 1000 Hz maximum. The DPI can be switched in six steps between 100 and 15,000. The sampling rate and DPI levels can be adjusted using the software. Of course, a gaming mouse has to shine primarily when playing. She also did this during the test and was able to convince with high precision and reliability in shooters, strategy games, MMOs and RPGs. The additional side keys, which are assigned 1 – 6 as standard, have a slightly higher resistance than the other keys, but can still be operated accurately and reliably. The handling is still pleasant even after several hours at a time. On a textile mouse pad, the mouse glides as precisely as it does directly on the tabletop, feeling slower without the mouse pad.


The software for the settings of the Drakonia II can optionally be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. This is not necessary for the basic operation, under Windows 10 the mouse is recognized directly and is ready for use. However, the software offers some useful features, so a download is recommended.

Five profiles can be saved in the mouse ready for retrieval. Further profiles can be saved and loaded as required. For each profile, you can customize key mapping, DPI levels, lighting, and mouse behavior individually, so you can create profiles for different games. All twelve keys can be assigned individually and the rapid fire command can also be configured. The sampling rate can be set to 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz or 1000 Hz. The DPI levels can be set between 100 and 15,000. A macro manager is also available. The RGB lighting can also be adjusted. The Drakonia II can be either monochrome, in colour change, pulsating, continuous or not at all.

Drakonia II with illumination
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