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Thermaltake Versa J24 TG ARGB Midi-Tower Review

Scope of Delivery

The Thermaltake Versa J24 TG ARGB comes well and safely packed in a colour printed carton. For additional protection, there is a protective film on the glass side panel. The accessories were stored in a transparent bag and fastened inside the housing with a cable tie. This bag contains all important screws, five black cable ties, a mainboard speaker, the holding frame for the power supply, connection cable for the RGB control and an illustrated manual in several languages.

The package also includes three pre-installed 120mm RGB fans including an RGB control board, a normal 120mm fan and the pre-installed mainboard spacers.

Exterior Impression

The front section of the Versa J24 TG is completely made of plastic and has generous ventilation options in the form of a grid structure. The front fairing can be pulled off with a bold jerk and behind it the three pre-installed RGB fans with a frame width of 120 mm can be seen. To protect against dust, the manufacturer has also attached a fine foam filter behind this grille. Unfortunately, it is not really easy to remove for cleaning.

Like the front, the lid section is designed for high airflow. At the rear Thermaltake has implemented a large fan opening for two 120 or 140 mm fans. Here, too, a magnetic dust filter made of mesh was installed to protect against dust. The I/O panel is located in the front area of the lid section. There are two buttons for “Power” and “Reset”, two USB 3.0 ports and connectors for microphone and headphones. Since the I/O panel is fixed in the cover, there are no problems with the cables when removing the front cover.

The right side panel of the Versa J24 TG is completely closed and fastened with two knurled screws. The left side panel is made of tempered glass and is slightly darkened. In contrast to many other manufacturers, Thermaltake also uses a fixing method with two knurled screws for this side part. The glass pane was therefore attached to a thin holding frame. This results in the disc not being flush with the body.

Rear and bottom sections do not offer any big surprises. The housing stands on four solid and rubberized feet and a mesh filter is provided for the power supply. This leads to the conclusion that the power supply unit is mounted in the floor. In addition, there are seven slots for PCI expansion cards with a mounting mechanism outside the case and the fourth pre-installed fan with a frame width of 120 mm. This has no RGB functions and is connected with a sleeved 3-pin cable.

Overall, the external workmanship quality is good. There are no paint defects, the stability is good and the material quality is fine.

Internal Impression

In the interior Thermaltake follows the current trend. It has a very open design and is divided into two chambers by a power supply cover. The mainboard and the expansion cards are mounted above the cover. Thermaltake has already pre-assembled the spacers for the mainboard. In addition, the mainboard tray has various cutouts for better cable routing and a large cutout for the subsequent installation of CPU coolers with backplate.

Below the perforated power supply cover you will find the power supply and the hard drive cage for a total of two 2.5″ or 3.5″ hard drives. Unfortunately the hard disks and the power supply cannot be decoupled. A nice feature, on the other hand, can still be found if you take a look under the case. If you take a closer look here, you can see that Thermaltake has mounted the hard disk cage in a modular way. Either the cage can be completely removed or simply moved further back to mount a 360 mm radiator in the front. This of course minimizes the space for the power supply to 150 mm.

If you take a look at the back of the mainboard tray, you can see the RGB control board and two mounting frames for SSDs. These frames are each fastened with a knurled screw and can also be mounted above the power supply cover if desired to present the SSDs through the glass window.

As on the outside, the Versa J24 TG is painted completely black on the inside. The varnish was well applied and there are no visible runners or paint spots. Also with the remaining workmanship quality in the interior there is nothing to complain about.

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