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WD Black SN750 1 TB NVMe SSD Review

Test System

All tests are performed with the following hardware:

Gaming Mode

With the Black SN750, WD introduces an optional gaming mode that can be activated in the WD Black SSD Dashboard. After a restart, this is then available. The gaming mode should bring further advantages by deactivating the low power states, especially with regard to access times.

And indeed: After activating the gaming mode, the access times in the AS SSD benchmark improve by approx. 20%. Other measurement results are also changing positively. If you don’t care about the additional consumption of deactivating the low power states, you should activate the gaming mode.

Benchmark Results

All subsequent tests have been conducted in gaming mode to obtain the best possible results from the SSD.

AS SSD Compression Benchmark
AS SSD Compression Benchmark

Everyday Experience and Temperature

The WD Black SN750 1 TB has 931 GB of usable storage space after formatting under Windows.


As can be seen from the benchmark tests, the SSD is extremely fast in every situation. The speed can only decrease if the load is prolonged. Without active ventilation, temperatures of approx. 80°C are quickly reached. With normal ventilation, however, the temperature should not be negative in everyday tasks. Include the everyday task of extreme SSD performance, for which the optional SSD heat sink can be an option.

Temperature without active ventilation
Temperature without active ventilation
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