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Xtrfy K3 Review: Gaming Keyboard with Mem-chanical Switches!

Buttons & Switches

The K3 has a total of 105 keys and is equipped with a 19-key rollover. This means that up to 19 keys can be pressed simultaneously and none of the entries are lost. So only very few users should reach their limits here. In addition, the dust and splash water resistance of the keyboard ensures an increased level of security and longevity.

As you can already read from the title of this review, Xtrfy opted for a slightly different key switch for the K3. Neither the typical mechanical nor rubber dome switches are used. “Xtrfy calls “mem-chanical switches” the built-in switches, which are in principle a hybrid of the two techniques mentioned above. The aim is to combine the writing feel of mechanical keyboards with the structure of membrane switches. Our test shows that the typing feel is actually very close to that of a real mechanical keyboard and feels good. However, there is no typical click feedback, as with blue Cherry-MX switches, for example. But in our subjective opinion the keystroke is quite loud, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on the application.

In comparison to conventional rubber dome keyboards, the key pressure of 65 grams is quite low, because normally this value is about 80 grams. The release of the keys is thus made very easy and fluent typing and fast reactions in games are possible without problems. With a life span of 20 million keystrokes (according to Xtrfy), the keys should be able to withstand a lot of use and still provide pleasure in the long run.

RGB LED Illumination

A big advantage of the Xtrfy K3 is that all functions and settings can be made directly via the keyboard thanks to the OnBoard memory and therefore no software is necessary. Simply connect and get started. This is particularly beneficial for RGB LED lighting, whose modes, brightness and speed are controlled by double key assignments. The K3 has a total of six lighting zones and four different effect modes. Breathing-, Wave-, Typing- or Custom-mode can be chosen and easily adjusted to the user’s favourite colours.

In our opinion, the three status LEDs for NUM, CAPS and SCROLL are the smaller but only damper. If these are activated, they really shine very brightly and also fall from the corner of the eye very strongly into the eye. Some users may want exactly this, but we found it a little annoying. Here, one could have also liked to weaken the lighting a little.

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