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Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro: Affordable Gaming Mouse under Test

Software and Customization

As already mentioned, the mouse has several programmable keys – a total of six. These keys can be individually programmed using the clearly laid out software supplied. They are assigned special actions that can be used quickly and directly in the game.

In addition, there are five profiles that can also be programmed via the software. These can be used to store the presets for five different games or other applications in the mouse’s internal memory, which are individually perceived as optimal. Selecting the gaming profile set in the software is very quick in practice. This offers the advantage that settings do not have to be made under time pressure, but can be conveniently set and saved in advance. Of course, you can also simply assign one of the keys so that it can be used to switch between the profiles.

Macros are also supported by the GXT 180 Kusan Pro of course, both mouse and keyboard inputs can be recorded. A positive aspect here is that the delay can also be set. However, mouse movements are not recorded.

The software can be operated intuitively and is used to set the profiles and configure the RGB LED lighting of the mouse. Here the user has a wide range of colours to choose from. Some effects can also be selected.

Overall, it can be said that both software and individualization and presetting options are convincing. Although the software also has a German translation, this is very bad. It can be much better with the English work, since the German translation partly makes no sense at all. “Apply” to apply settings was translated as “Apply” for example.

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Trust GXT 180 Kusan Gaming Maus (100-5000 DPI, 6 programmierbaren Tasten, USB, CO-development Epsilon Esports) schwarz im Preisvergleich

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