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Asus ROG Delta Review: Can the Modern Features Convince?

Practical Test: The Sound and the Microphone

Since the headset is assigned to a gaming series, we have mainly tested it in the gaming sector – which does not mean that it is not suitable for other purposes. In our practical test we noticed the clear highs and the quite strong lows particularly positively. Also positive is the fact that no additional sound card is needed to operate the headset – so you can get started right after plugging it in.

The stereo sound was convincing in our practical test due to its clarity and the very good sound transmission without deductions. Even demanding players can be happy with this headset. Surround sound can be activated in the ROG Armoury 2 software. But we wouldn’t call the surround sound perfect.

The headset also seems to be suitable for music tracks, streams and podcasts. In the musical field, however, it should be noted that this does not necessarily apply to every genre – the headset was ultimately developed for the gaming market.

However, the operation is quite simple. On the left earpiece there is a volume control as well as a switch for the illumination. The volume control can also be pressed to mute the microphone. Additional software is therefore not absolutely necessary. However, if the lighting is to be individualised, it must be used. In the ROG Armoury 2 software, you can then easily select between several lighting modes.

The microphone also convinced us in the test. Spoken language is appropriately loud and comparatively clear. Background noise is largely suppressed. The microphone arm is very flexible and can be brought into any position – but it is relatively short. Ultimately, it can be said that the headset is convincing in every respect in practice.

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