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be quiet! Silent Base 601 Case Review

Internal Impression

As with many current models, the interior is spacious and tidy. A cover in the interior separates the drive cage and power supply from the rest of the hardware. If the available drive slots are not enough for you, you can mount another included cage – at the expense of the graphics card length. Need more drives? These can optionally be purchased from be quiet!

Each side part, the front and the lid are covered with an approximately 10 millimetre thick insulating mat. In addition to the specially adapted air inlets, they ensure that the housing absorbs as much noise as possible. And that also works wonderfully. Even at high load and high speed fans there is hardly anything to hear.

There are sufficient brackets for cable routing and the bushings are rubber-coated to protect the cables. Also underneath the mainboard enough space was left, so that the cables do not have to be led in from the side.

The cover for the power supply has ventilation openings to ensure good circulation. In the front part there is also an opening in the cover, which is closed from the house. If you wish to install a larger front radiator, this cover must be removed. The same applies if another fan is to find its place there. For the radiator you have 6 cm clearance, unlike in the lid you have no restriction here.

A radiator can be mounted in the lid, but the Silent Base 601 does not offer so much space. A beaten 3.4 cm distance between the radiator shield and the mainboard edge is provided for the radiator and fan. A large part of the radiators will fit without problem due to the slight displacement of the screw holes in the direction of the window, but you should still pay attention to this. The lid also has angled ventilation slots.

Two 2.5-inch data carriers can be mounted on the back of the mainboard tray. In addition, the tray is open so that a CPU cooler can be mounted directly and the system does not have to be completely disassembled.

A 140 mm fan can be found in the front, the second one at the back. Here be quiet! also offers you the possibility to mount a graphics card with two slots vertically – which would only have cosmetic advantages with the window version of the case. The power supply unit is mounted decoupled from the housing and is mounted over an extra frame, making it easy to insert.

Due to the more than sufficient space in the case, installation is easy and even proper cable management is no problem with the Silent Base 601 by be quiet! Our test system contains a PRIME X370-A motherboard from ASUS with aRyzen 7 1700 and 16 GB memory from Ballistix. A GTX 1070 from ASUS is used as the graphics card.

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