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Fractal Design Define R6 Review: The Modular Housing for Builders

Modular Lid

There is also a screen on the underside of the flap. Underneath is another insulating mat. The second dust filter is mounted between the screen and the insulating mat. The cover and dust filter can be separated from the insulated cover with a little pressure. Fractal Design has patented this process under the name ModuVent. On the one hand, it makes it easier to clean the dust filter. On the other hand, the dust filter and screen can also be mounted on the upper side again without a cover.

This improves the airflow when either two 140 mm or three 120 mm fans are to be mounted on the top side – or corresponding radiators that do not cross the heat exchangers, which are mounted on the front side. For easy mounting of fans or radiators on the lid, Fractal Design has provided the Define R6 with a bracket that can be removed by loosening a total of four screws. Particularly practical for custom water cooling systems is the round recess in the bracket to which a refill nozzle can be attached.

Vertical PCI Slots for Graphics Cards

A further 140 mm fan is pre-installed at the rear. These include the usual seven PCI slots. In addition, there are two other vertical slots to which a graphics card can be attached. The riser cable required for this is not included in the housing. The distance to the left side panel made of Tempered Glass is large enough for a 2.5 slot graphics card to fit vertically. There is also plenty of room for the CPU fan with 185 millimeters. Graphics cards can be a total of 400 millimeters long, even if there are fans at the front. In the standard layout, the high HDD cage between the mainboard tray and the front is somewhat in the way. Graphics cards longer than 300 millimeters must not be wider than 155 millimeters including cable connections.

The HDD cage consists of the support panel next to the mainboard tray on one side, which extends from the lid to the bottom. The right rails are attached directly to the housing. For HDD or SSD drives, Fractal Design has included six slots with rubber dampers and screws, but a total of eleven fit there. At the back of the mainboard tray there is a holder for two additional SSDs, which can alternatively be attached to the power supply cover. The entire front side of the HDD cage has a screwed-in screen decorated with an inconspicuous Fractal Design logo stamped into it.

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