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Genesis Nitro 880 – Gaming Chair Review


The Nitro 880 is Genesis’ top model and dares to enter a price range in which numerous competing products are represented. The company offers all the usual features of a gaming chair: a widely adjustable backrest, rocker mechanism, 4D armrests as well as a head and lordosis cushion included. Another special feature is the option of fixing the chair’s floor castors individually to prevent them from rolling away.

One of the strengths of the Nitro 880 is that the covers fit snugly and are quite comfortable. In addition, the rather thick seat cushion is noticeable, which in turn ensures a relatively high sitting position. If you don’t rank at least 1.80 metres, you’re in the wrong place – and the chair should also be well suited for players over 2 metres in height, so that the Nitro 880 can secure a niche for itself.

Unfortunately, the gaming chair also has one point of criticism: the 4D armrests are obviously subject to significant production fluctuations. In our chair, both backrests are not the same height and must first be adjusted by the height adjustment. In addition, the swivel mechanism of the left armrest triggers very quickly, which often allows you to adjust it unintentionally. One or two degrees of freedom less, but a better implementation, would have been the better solution.

The bottom line is that the Nitro 880, also due to its still moderate price (test time about 280 Euro, currently € 244.95 resp. € 265.64) , still not a bad choice. If you are big enough for the chair and would rather have artificial leather than synthetic covers, you will get a decent product with the chair. If, on the other hand, you want a better implementation with comparable features, you can get them for a small surcharge. Savers, on the other hand, can wait until the chair is sold again in the 250 Euro range.

Genesis Nitro 880

Seating Comfort
Stability & Workmanship
Value for Money

Solid gaming chair with relatively high seat.

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