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Kolink Horizon RGB: Spacious Midi-Tower with Lots of Glass and RGB Reviewed

Conclusion on the Kolink Horizon Review

Did Kolink hit the nail on the head with the Horizon RGB? The Midi-Tower is characterized by the good space, the chic look, which is dominated by a lot of glass, and the possibility to install a water cooling with a thick radiator in the front. The four pre-installed RGB fans also look like a positive feature at first glance. But if you take a closer look at the fans and the circuit board, you’ll quickly get disillusioned. The use of proprietary connections and the non-existent controllability of the speed will quickly lead to annoyance for silent fans. Also the fact that the RGB effects cannot be controlled via the mainboard will not be very positive for most interested people.

A much more important point in our eyes is the fact that Kolink only paid attention to the optics and not to the ventilation in this case. So the fan openings in the front are much too small and the fans are much too close behind the window. In the end, this leads to significantly higher temperatures and theoretically makes the fans in the front unnecessary.

Overall, the price with € 59.80 seems a bit too high when you consider that the competition (such as Sharkoon TG5 RGB) has a better airflow for the same money and above all digitally addressable RGB fans.

Kolink Horizon

Value for Money

Spacious midi tower lots of glass and RGB but a very bad airflow.

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