Lioncast LX55 USB RGB Gaming Headset Review


Since the microphone is unidirectionally aligned, hardly any noise is picked up. That way you are always easy to understand in the decisive moments of a match. The microphone arm is flexible and long enough to easily move the microphone to any position. In the test, the speech was always understood and transmitted without much noise. The recording level of the microphone was unfortunately very low. So you had to set it to maximum by software to activate the boost function in order to record at normal volume.


In order to make individual settings, you need free software that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

With the easy to install software it is possible to influence the sound of the headset according to your own taste. If you don’t need 7.1 surround sound, you can switch it off here or fine tune it. The RGB lighting can also be adjusted here, for which some modes are available.

Unfortunately the software is not quite intuitive. For example, it is not entirely clear when the surround sound function is switched on or off. Especially for people with color vision impairment simply indicators.

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