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Long Awaited and Finally Here: Kingdom Hearts III Review

Recover what is lost, and even more…

Now that I’ve talked at length about who understands the story, I guess the point has come where I talk about the actual story of Kingdom Hearts III. The story continues where Dream Drop Distance left off. After Sora has lost his powers due to the events of the previous game, he must now train again to regain them and also acquire new abilities. To be exact, the power of awakening. After all, seven guardians of light have to be drummed together and two of them are put out of action due to the events from Birth by Sleep.
Because Xehanort gathers his allies around him to start a second key sword war. A circumstance that would be about as pleasant as it sounds.

So we travel a lot of new and also some already known Disney worlds. In these we meet popular characters like Hercules, Elsa and Baymax. As usual, we are accompanied by Donald and Goofy, who – in addition to world-specific Disney characters – actively support us in the fight.

Loving character interactions

Something that struck me relatively early in the game is the beautifully designed interaction between the characters. By this I mean not only the cutscenes, but also the comments the group members make in between while exploring the environment. Sometimes there are optional events which cause certain reactions to certain environmental elements. So it is worthwhile to explore your surroundings diligently and not only for the various collectables.

I also noticed very positively how beautifully the storylines of the individual Disney worlds were integrated into the main story. This is particularly positive in comparison to the predecessors, because it was rather less the case there. Although some Disney characters also had important roles there, the actions within the individual worlds were more like minor episodes of abundance or the consequences of a cartoon without an overarching action. But not in this part. Each world feels relevant to the action and development of the characters.

Writing has also improved considerably compared to the previous parts. The dialogues feel more lively and natural. While some dialogues used to seem like they were just for plotting, in Kingdom Hearts III they feel more like conversations that people would actually have.

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