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Reolink Keen Review: The Completely Wireless Surveillance Camera

Microphone & Speaker

The surveillance camera has both a microphone and a loudspeaker. This means that the corresponding sound can also be heard or recorded during the video stream. The microphone also picks up relatively quiet noises so that nothing stands in the way of monitoring.

Through the two loudspeakers on the side you can also talk directly to the people who are in the vicinity of the Reolink Keen. They’re not very loud, but they work.

If the motion sensor sounds an alarm because it has been armed in the app, the speakers emit a loud alarm sound. Arming can be done manually or via a timer. However, the alarm sound can also be deactivated, so that only a silent notification by push on the smartphone takes place to get an idea of the situation and then call the police or similar.

Battery Instead of Cable

The two Reolink Keen modules, i.e. surveillance camera and motion sensor, are powered by batteries. An alternative power supply is not possible, because there is simply no connection available. Therefore you have to operate the devices with battery or rechargeable battery in any case. Unfortunately, with the camera batteries “CR123A” also special batteries are used, which are relatively expensive and – if you rely on rechargeable batteries – need a special charger.

However, the batteries seem to last quite a long time, so far not much has changed on my battery level indicator yet. According to Reolink, the batteries should last 180 days in standby or 500 minutes (a good 8 hours) of transmission.

More Settings

There are some more settings that I won’t discuss separately, so here is a small picture gallery:

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