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Skyroam Solis Review: Mobile LTE Router with Internet at the Touch of a Button

Speed and Availability

Anyone who is dependent on permanent Internet access when travelling is likely to attach great importance to the speed of this access. The Solis promises fast Internet, but can only partially keep this promise. In contrast to the hotel networks and similar Internet connections, which usually only function very sporadically to the fullest satisfaction, the Solis’ performance is at least acceptable even in the rather black moments. During our test the connection was not always stable and the Skyroam Solis took several minutes to set up a new connection.

It should be noted that this is not ultimately a breach of the promise in the strict sense. Much more the promise of the fast Internet – at least on the manufacturer’s website – is relativized. It states that a day pass, which costs eight euros after all, contains only 550 megabytes at unthrottled speed. If this data volume is used up, the speed is limited, which can become noticeable with intensive use of the hotspot. Unfortunately then only the 2G network is available.

Posting a day pass
Posting a day pass

Anyone who uses the device for professional purposes – such as replying to e-mails or accessing document repositories on the Internet – is likely to quickly reach the 550 MB mark. For in-between it’s enough, but during the test in the USA I also used several day passes per day to avoid having to continue surfing at a reduced speed.

The streaming of music and movies is of course only possible within very limited limits. Full multimedia entertainment on other continents is therefore only possible to a limited extent with the Solis.

Battery Life

Since the device must be permanently in operation in order to generate and maintain the hotspot, the battery life is also important. The 6,000 mAh should last for 16 to 20 hours. In the test, the battery life is definitely very positive. Even when used intensively as a hotspot for smartphones and for working on laptops in between, part of the battery is still available at the end of the day. So the battery’s big enough to take you through the day.

The battery is charged via the USB-C port. Skyroam also includes an adapter to charge other devices with a USB-C port. Then the battery of the mobile router is of course much faster empty.

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