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Streacom DA2: Compact Aluminum Case Tested

Exterior Impression

The DA2 has a look that is typical of both Streacom and this design: a simple, modern look without playful ornamentation. There isn’t much to see of mesh either: These are located at the bottom and top of the body. However, they are covered by the aluminium outer skin, so the air is supplied from the side.

Streacom almost completely dispenses with operating elements: The housing only offers a single USB type C connector (3.0 / 3.1) and a power button with a white LED on the front, there are no other connectors or buttons. However, in view of the very small size of the case, this is not a problem because the rear is easy to reach.

The simple appearance of the case throughout – if you look at it from the front, you won’t see a single screw/rivet – is almost completely visible on the outer skin. All fixings are located at the rear where the connections for all internal components are also located. The PCI-E panels are striking, unfortunately they are silver and not, like the rest of the case, black. On the other hand, these should not be used anyway; after all, the DA2 is designed for use with a graphics card.

The DA2 has only one fixed fan slot: a single 92 mm fan is provided at the rear. Further fans can be mounted via the flexible rails in the housing, which will be examined in more detail in the next two points. The housing has air outlets on all sides except the front to prevent heat accumulation. Air can be transported out of or into the housing at almost any point. In order to protect the system from contamination, dust filters are installed which, however, for optical reasons, are only accessible from the inside.

The side panels of the housing are a special feature: they are made of bent aluminium with numerous air exchange openings. The side parts are held at the top and bottom by rubber studs that snap into place on the body. To remove the side panel, press one side down and the other side out; the side panels can then be easily removed. This special mounting method has the advantage that it requires no screws at all. In practice it works well, even if you have to get used to this new way of fixing.

The workmanship of the DA2 is praiseworthy: the entire outer skin is flawless and stable, nothing can be criticised here. The high-quality overall impression is also reinforced by the fact that the DA2 is actually an aluminium case, not a normal steel body with aluminium covers. Steel is completely omitted on the outside and as far as possible in the interior.

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