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Streacom DA2: Compact Aluminum Case Tested

Internal Impression

Inside the Streacom DA2 there is enough room for a complete ITX system with graphics card and drives as well as several case fans. Streacom relies on a relatively classical structure: The graphics card is mounted directly on the mainboard, so the system doesn’t need a riser card.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are only few limitations to the components in the interior: CPU coolers and may be up to 145 millimeters high, graphics cards are limited to a maximum length of 220 millimeters (ATX power supply) or 330 millimeters (SFX power supply) and are limited to the common dual-slot format. Both SFX(-L) and ATX power supplies can be installed. If you use a smaller SFX (L) model, you can install additional drives behind the front.

Especially on the DA2 is the way of mounting additional components: There are rails in the housing on which bridges can be freely moved and fastened. These in turn provide space for numerous components, such as drives, fans or radiators. This allows you to adjust the interior of the case very flexibly and, for example, install a 240 millimeter radiator above the mainboard. On the other hand, this system also means that the maximum number of components, especially fans and drives, is difficult to quantify. For this reason, we recommend that interested users read the instructions for the enclosure before purchasing and plan how they would like to use the rails.

The bottom line is that the rails, with sliding nuts and screws, are easy to understand and adapt. It offers a high degree of flexibility and is therefore perfect, especially for a housing in this format. A small shortcoming is only the workmanship quality: The curved steel rails have a continuous covering coating, but some edges are not deburred.

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