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Trekstor Surfbook A13B Review: Light, cheap & good?

Performance: On-road Test

In practice, the Surfbook A13B proves that it is a solid device. The performance offered is sufficient for ordinary activities – for example surfing the Internet or running ordinary office applications – in any case. It should be noted that we have tested the stronger model with Pentium processor.

For very demanding purposes like gaming or photo editing the device is less suitable. During these activities, the processor and RAM quickly reach their limits. But at League of Legends we were able to achieve between 30 and 60 frames per second. At this point, however, it should be pointed out that the Surfbook was obviously not created for these activities – the insufficient performance for these purposes can therefore not be regarded as a point of criticism here.

It can again be stated that the notebook can withstand normal loads. To a certain extent, multitasking is also no problem for the device. Multiple open tabs or running Office and Internet applications at the same time do not cause problems for the device. The average user should be satisfied with the performance of the device. All in all, it cuts a good figure.

The trackpad is pleasantly large and has a pleasant pressure point. The keyboard didn’t quite convince us, because the typing feeling is a little spongy – a typical problem of cheap rubber dome keyboards. However, it is definitely sufficient for occasional writing.

We were impressed by the battery life of the device, because while surfing we didn’t get the battery empty during the day despite the load of several windows and programs. When used for office activities, battery life of over 12 hours is possible.

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