Basic Tutorials Guide: PCs Perfectly Set in Scene with RGB Lighting

Software for control

The LEDs connected to the RGB header can be configured via manufacturer-specific software suites. Not only a multitude of predefined effects can be loaded, but also own creations can be realized. Experienced users can link certain effects or colors with events in games. For example, it is possible to change the entire lighting to red as soon as the character suffers damage in the game. Another possibility would be the temperature-dependent illumination of individual hardware components. Cool components in blue, (too) hot hardware in red. This can be defined for example in ASUS‘ Aura Sync Software, but without smooth transition. If a limit value is exceeded, the illumination changes. The HUE+ Controller from NZXT with own software. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities here. RGB can even be used for music visualization – and nothing stands in the way of a disco PC.

The effects provided by the manufacturer are similar for all software packages. The effects range from “breathing”, in which parts of the hardware are faded in and out, to fire and wave movements, to reactive key illumination, in which the most recently pressed keys light up and fade away again. Normally, the presets cover even high demands sufficiently.

However, the use of products from different manufacturers and associated software could lead to incompatibilities. For this reason, it is advisable to specify a manufacturer and header standard. This not only ensures proper installation, but also creates compatibility for the software. Each manufacturer relies on its own software package to control its products. Their range of functions differs only slightly from each other.

ASUS Aura Sync / ASUS Aura RGB

With a large variety of different hardware components ASUS from motherboards, graphics cards and coolers to monitors, keyboards and mice. The great advantage of the ASUS Aura software is its compatibility with other hardware – not only ASUS itself. The range of supported devices covers almost all components and peripherals. With a variety of lighting modes you can create your own effects or use preset ones. In addition, synchronization with music or temperature-dependent lighting is supported. Asus Aura also supports the Philips Hue series and thus enables lighting control within your own four walls without additional software. ASUS’ software package currently appears to be the most mature product, with Gigabytes playing at a similarly high level.

MSI Mystic Light

The manufacturer MSI offers with its Mystic Light or Mystic Light Sync a possibility to configure a variety of predefined effects (among other things to different music styles, movies or adapted to temperature) for the interior and exterior lighting of the PC. MSI’s RGB product range includes Mainboards, graphic cards, Keyboards, Mice and even Headsets. The scenery is controlled either by the MSI Gaming App or the MSI Mystic Light App – depending on the motherboard. The Mystic Light SDK (Software Development Kit), which allows the individual LED components to be programmed independently, ensures expandable configuration. Compatibility with third-party manufacturers is a major advantage of the Mystic Light, but it is not yet fully developed. Thus, for example, products from Crucial, Phanteks or Cooler Master out-of-the-box supported. The cooperation with other partners like Razer has only been announced so far and does not work yet. Unfortunately the MSI software doesn’t seem to be very mature yet, because there are always problems with the control.

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